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For the best sharpening services around, come to Waters Sharpening Sales & Service! For years, we have perfected our skills in sharpening all kinds of knives and blades. Our services are versatile because we can sharpen anything from kitchen knives and chainsaws to carbide blades and other saw blades. We provide the best quality care and services to the tools you use most.

Sharpening your knives makes it so you are prepared for any job that comes your way. From cooking to cutting wood, we ensure that you and your tools are ready to go. Regularly caring for your tools means taking it in to us on a frequent basis. We check that your knives and blades are performing to proper standards and allowing for ease of use. Our sharpening services can hone the blades of any tool you own!

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Scissor Sharpening

We use scissors in many aspects of our lives. From cooking and crafting to metalworking and gardening, scissors allow us to get the job done. Scissors also play a huge role in barbershops and medical facilities. When you rely on scissors for your work, you need to make sure that they are performing properly. At Waters Sharpening Sales & Service, we offer top-notch scissor sharpening services!

Scissor sharpening is necessary to ensure that your scissors are cutting effectively and allow for ease of use. If you bring your scissors in to us on a regular basis, we make sure that they are sharp enough for the job. We are able to sharpen anything from kitchen scissors and hedge trimmers to crafting and embroidery scissors. If you’re wondering if we can sharpen your particular pair of scissors, give us a call today!

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Saw Blade Sharpening

Are your saw blades getting dull? Do they have chips in them, or do they cut wood improperly? It’s time to bring them in to Waters Sharpening Sales & Service! We are able to sharpen your saw blades so that they cut quickly and accurately. You shouldn’t ever be slowed down by dull blades – that’s why you should take your saw blades in to us for regular maintenance. We will keep them sharp so that they perform as they should!

We stand by our dependability and excellent customer service. We always have your blades back to you in a short amount of time. In addition, we also offer delivery and pick up services to make it convenient for you! Want to know if we are able to sharpen your knife or blade? Call us today!

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Cooley Brothers Inc, Roberts, Idaho
Rodney has helped us design several blades and they are amazing. We have worked with Rodney for over 20 years and have never been disappointed. Excellent craftmanship and outstanding far the best sharpening service hands down.
Bennett's Glass Inc., Idaho Falls, Idaho
We have Waters Sharpening sharpen all of our saw blades! They do a great job and always get them back to us in a very timely manner. We would highly recommend them to anyone.
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